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Tru Allign No Touch

Tru Allign No Touch

The Tru_Align System

The Tru-Align mounting system is an OPTIONAL service that allows for mounting a special adapter plate with special mounting studs that only touch YOUR EXPENSIVE WHEELS at the lug holes.  This keeps all metal away from the finish of your wheels.  This service may also be required for tires with rim-guards.

The Tru_Align System
3 wheel bolts replaced by special studs

The Tru_Align System
then adapter plate is bolted to special studs

The Tru_Align System
then alignment machine connected to the plate

The Tru_Align System
on all 4 corners

The Tru_Align System
extra time is required to set up & remove

The Tru_Align System
so, ask for it, Your wheels are worth the extra care

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